Bugs in the Garden

It’s that pest control time of year. We’re battling potato beetles together, again – a few reminders and tips:

If you are growing potatoes, it is important to regularly control pests early, or their populations can quickly triple over a few weeks, and those thriving on your potatoes will also wander onto neighbouring plants. Thanks to Patricia for the reminder to get on top of this.


Suggested pest control method for Potato Beetles

The following should be done daily:
  • Pick off grubs and beetles by hand, and either squish them or place into soapy water, OR
  • Shake adults beetles from plants onto ground cloth and dump captured pests into soapy water. Early morning is best, as bugs are slower.
  • Search for clusters of orange eggs underneith leaves, and squash them.
Also helpful:
  • Encourage beneficial insects to grow in your plot by planting a diversity of plants: bugs such as ladybugs, spined soldier bugs and lacewing, feed on eggs and the young larval stages of potato bugs.
At the end of the season:
  • After harvest pick up garden debris and turn the soil over around plants to disturb overwintering beetles.
  • Next year plant something different, or plant resistant cultivars.


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